Michael DelRay & Jake Waters in Secretly Bi - Scene 3, Scene #03 - 374

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Sophia Burns always assumed all fraternity men were gay. I mean why else would they join a brotherhood. But her husband Michael DelRay assures her he is not gay. He is straight as an arrow. So one weekend a fraternity brother (Jake Waters) came to visit with them and stay the night. Little did Sophia realize she would soon find her husband with a cock in his mouth. Michael tries to dance his way out of it but It's obvious he has been into men for a while. Michael are you gay boy? She confronts him. He tells her he likes men and he loves her. He's bi. Well as long as she still has a place in his heart she is happy. Soon enough she has not only love in her heart but cocks in her cunt and mouth as the men take turns pounding her. It's so nice to suck a cock together with her man knowing that he has let her into his little bi secret. She watches show happy he is as he fucks man ass. The three of them all jump on each other and provide a love train of happiness as they fuck away the afternoon. Well Michael -- I guess you can say your secret is out. Looks like you'll be sharing a lot of cock with this little lady.

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